Hi, I’m Conor EI6GSB. This blog is primarily about my amateur radio activities on the airwaves, but also about my general life, other hobbies, and things I get up to.

I’m a cloud engineer by day, but in my free time I like to engage in my hobbies. These hobbies change over time, ebbing and flowing, sometimes focusing more on one than the others. Right now I enjoy radio (ham radio and shortwave listening) as well as travelling, cooking, reading, and enjoying good movies.

I have a background in physics and astronomy, and even today astronomy is a constant interest of mine. I studied it at university but my career followed new paths along the years, and now I work as a cloud engineer (a type of software engineer, really). I’ve always had an interest in learning how things actually work, and that was probably one of the drivers behind me studying physics. It’s also a big factor in my interest in radio: just how can I talk to someone on the other side of the continent with a small piece of electronics and a wire antenna? It still amazes me, and I love getting lost in different radio modes, exploring how it all works.

I had a radio blog several years ago but I recently decided to start afresh and take a more casual and relaxed approach to blogging: instead of feeling under pressure to produce content, I will now just post stuff that interests me whenever I choose. So, you might see new posts several times a week, or you may not see a new post for many months! All that being said, I hope you like this blog and I look forward to sharing stuff with you.