Kolster-Brandes BR40 Restoration: Part 2

I finally got round to disassembling the BR40 to inspect the electronics inside. The main thing I wanted to check at first was the mains transformer, to see what condition it was in and if I could find a make and model number so I could get a schematic for it. The outward-facing part of the transformer looked to be in bad condition so I will likely need to find a replacement for it.

Mains transformer

Mains transformer

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Kolster-Brandes BR40 Restoration: Part 1

Over Christmas I had a notion to investigate some vintage radios and how much money I’d expect to pay for one, with a view to restoring it. I wasn’t looking for any brand or set in particular so I took to the internet to see what I could find. After browsing for an hour or so I found a Kolster-Brandes BR40 – released in 1947 – being sold quite close to where I live, so I did a little research on the radio before making an offer. The seller accepted my offer of €35 and I collected it this week, and thus began my very first radio restoration project. Continue reading