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First QRSS test plans

Right. I expect my 30m kit to arrive any day now, and will hopefully get it built over the weekend. Now I just have to decide on my initial tests.

My first broadcast will be over a dipole – or maybe even a longwire (mostly because I already have a longwire antenna set up, but building a dipole shouldn’t be much hassle). I’d like to test each of these antennae either way at various powers, times of day, solar activity, etc. I had been kinda thinking of building a loop antenna, too, so this could be a good excuse.

Another test might reception quality as a function of power output at a specific receiver distance. The best way to work this would probably be comparing the S/N ratios.

From what I’m reading, it’s desirable to ensure that, if one uses a crystal, frequency stability is to be maintained. I had no idea that crystal frequencies drifted significantly before now, but it seems that temperature of the crystal plays a role in this. Crystal heaters are recommended for this particular kit that I ordered, but for the sake of being scientific, I’d like to test the kit itself at various temperatures. I’d also work on insulation/heating methods and monitor changes in frequency over temperature.

Although I’m very, very new to it, QRSS is really a kind of radio that interests me a lot. In fact, it has interested me a lot for a long time, before I even knew it existed! Building very simple circuits, transmitting over very simple antennae, only to be heard on the other side of the planet?? Yes please!

Really can’t wait for this kit to arrive 😀

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