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30m QRSS kit built!

So my kit arrived yesterday. I had kinda wanted to jump straight in and get building but after a long day at work and a late night the evening before I just had to go to bed. But I’ve just finished building it!

Took me about 2.5 hours in total to build (aided by a selection of songs picked out by Alice Cooper and a couple of Silver Bullets).

I was worried that I may not have enough magnet wire, particularly if I made a mistake in winding the chokes. And make a mistake I did. The documentation recommends 35cm of wire per 25 turns (even slightly shorter will be fine, I found), and I misread it as 25cm per 25 turns. But there’s still enough wire in there to wind all the chokes and still have some left over.

As mentioned in the documentation (underneath the rig in the image above) the holes for the variable resistor (white thing near the corner) are too close together, and it suggests a workaround for this. I found that the workaround didn’t quite work, as the legs were still a little to big for the holes. So I simply pushed through some resistor leg cut-offs and soldered the resistor to those.

Overall, a very nice kit to build, and easily done in an afternoon. The next step is to test the rig to make sure it’s tuned properly and isn’t taking up too much bandwidth.

If you want to get this kit or get any other info on it (including mods, etc.) check out http://www.hanssummers.com/

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