EI6GSB Radio Store

I’ve just set up an Amazon Associates Radio Store. You can access it by clicking on ‘Radio Store’ on the top menu, or by clicking here. I’ll be adding more categories and individual recommended products as time goes by, but if you are on this website and are looking to buy some new radios or equipment, please do consider making your purchase through the Radio Store or any of the links dotted in some of the posts: I will get a small commission from your purchase, which will help me pay for the maintenance and upkeep of this website.

Happy listening and 73s!

DCU TechWeek: Hacking Radio

Thanks for coming to my talk; I hope you enjoyed it and that it gave you some ideas on how you can play with radio. The fundamentals of radio are pretty straightforward, and apply to all radio transmitters and receivers, no matter how complex they are otherwise. Knowing these basic building blocks are often enough to get you started in building your own radio circuits or hacking stuff together to make radio do what you want it to do. Radio was built on people tinkering with stuff!

If you want any tips or have questions please grab me and I’ll try to point you in the right direction. I’m on Redbrick chat (lithium) so feel free to poke me. Continue reading