About Me

Hey, I’m Conor. You won’t know me as EI6GSB, but if I had ever gotten on the air, you might have (I’m working on this bit).

I’m an astronomy graduate working in business admin and marketing. In my spare time I like to watch the sky, play and listen to music, nerd up on science stuff, do some SWL, tinker with electronics, and so on.

My QTH is at about 53.84 N, 6.54 W. This is in a town called Ardee in the north-east of the Republic of Ireland. If you ever hear me on shortwave, chances are I’ll be broadcasting from here. Send me a report I’ll try to sort you out with a QSL (include your callsign, if you have one).

I got my radio experimenter’s licence back in 2008 (I attended the exam with a rucksack and a tent on my back, as I did it on the way to a music festival I was working at later that day). I’ve never been on the air, though, mostly due to a bad experience in buying a second-hand transceiver from the USA over eBay. But I’m getting back on the air now doing what I had always originally intended to do.

I like simple circuits. If I can make a transmitter out of a beer can, a cat’s hair, and a lemon, I will try to do it. But I think the real fun is in finding out how far away your weak signal can be heard. So I’m restarting my radio broadcast ventures using QRSS, and as of early December 2011, I plan on powering up a beacon within 2-3 weeks.

Many people get interested in astronomy as a result of radio. For me it was the other way round. I’ve always been an astronomer at some level for as long as I could remember, and upon discovering radio astronomy when I wasn’t even 10 years old, I began to get excited by terrestrial radio communications. I flicked through old encyclopedia looking up and indulging myself in astronomy, radio, and science. My interest in radio waned over the following decade, but quickly returned in my early 20s when I took the time to re-explore shortwave radio. I initially began this phase with medium- and longwave listening, but very swiftly jumped to shortwave. Then I decided to do the exam and get my experimenter’s licence. And here I am. Blogging about me radio stuff.